DeVant AVC400 65-inch Curved 4K TV Review : An Attainable 4K TV

If you’ve been lusting for a curved, 4K TV, your options are limited and expensive: Samsung’s top-tier models cost around 200K which is par for the course for LG as well. But don’t despair, as there’s a better, affordable option (if buying something that approaches 100K can be considered affordable) if you really want to bask in front of a curved, 4K panel in the evenings. DeVant’s top-of-the-line AVC400 model has a curved panel and 4K capability that’s far less than what its rivals are asking for. Question is, does it still deliver the goods?

Curved and stout

DeVant’s AVC400 curved TV has two sizes: 55 and 65-inches, with significant price gaps for both. Our review unit was the 65-inch variant, but really the spec sheet for both models are identical, so you’re not losing out on any features if you do decide to go with the less expensive 55-inch model.

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