2015 – 2017 Yamaha WR250R Review

Essentially a carry-over from 2008 when the WR250R added a street-legal stablemate to the Yamaha WR lineup, the 2017 model carries on carrying on dual-sport fun. It’s not really a street-legal version of the WR250F , though the model designation tends to make it seem so. “WR” indicates it’s a wide-ratio gear box, and beyond that, the sky’s the limit. The wide-ratio gives an acceptable balance of highway capability and off-road responsiveness, desirable in the dual-sport market.


The WR250R is not a fast bike; it’s not supposed to be, but people love it. It’s lightweight and agile and the 250 cc engine is spunky enough, though you have to wind it up pretty tight to get to speed. As a commuter , you can jump up the interstate for a few exits, but know that there’s no roll-on left to you when cruising at those speeds. There’s a little vibration at interstate speeds, but not enough to jiggle the mirrors; they stay solid and steady.

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