Bose SoundSport Free review

Apple’s AirPods may have dominated the totally wireless headphone market since their release but some compelling alternatives, including the Bose SoundSport Free, have hit the market in recent months.

The Free is essentially the cordless version of Bose’s popular and highly rated SoundSport Wireless earphones, and it’s one of the best totally wireless models out there, though it’s not as perfect as it should be given its $250 price tag. (Initially it will only be available in the US. International retail prices haven’t been announced, but the Stateside price converts to about £185 or AU$315.)

Marketed as a true sports headphone, SoundSport Free has a couple of advantages over the AirPods. For starters, the buds fit more securely. Yes, a certain percentage of AirPod users can get a snug enough fit to use them while running — they work great for those people. But plenty of others, including me, can’t run with their AirPods. They simply won’t stay in my ears.

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