2018 Toyota C-HR review

At first blush, the 2018 Toyota C-HR’s exterior styling is very aggressive. The compact crossover is sharply angled and steeply raked with bulging wheel arches. However, closer observation reveals that there is a curvaceousness to the design that also makes it look a bit fun and approachable with its Grumpy Cat face and rounded silhouette.

I get hints of Hyundai’s Veloster in details like the windswept headlamps and VW’s Beetlein the flared haunches. The trapezoidal rear door handles tuck in the upper corner of the rear glass, making the crossover look like a coupe. Despite the steeply angled roofline, there’s a reasonable amount of headroom on the second row.

There’s not an angle at which you can view the C-HR where it looks boring; though, there are a few unflattering ones. In profile, for example, the long front overhang is plainly obvious, sort of spoiling the sporty “wheels at the corner” aesthetic. But overall, I enjoyed the high level of curb appeal.

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