Shure AONIC 50 and AONIC 215 free your ears to enjoy your music anywhere

Wireless audio accessories are no longer oddities that delivered fancy futuristic features at the price of sound quality. Thanks to a push in the mobile

Earstudio ES100 MK2 Review

In many ways, the Earstudio ES100 MK2 ($99) appears similar in function to the Bluewave Get we reviewed just over a year ago. The ES100

Westinghouse WH32UX9019 32-inch monitor review

The Westinghouse WH32UX9019 is a $379 (about £320, AU$640), 32-inch 4K monitor that checks a few of the boxes people might be looking for in

iFi hip-dac portable DAC/headphone amp review: Sublime sound from a tiny, well-built package

Compared with a smartphone’s built-in DAC/amp, the sound of this gem is a revelation. Portable audio is one of the fastest-growing segments of the audio

The headphone jack is dying. What now?

When the first-ever iPhone was released back in 2007, it essentially became the blueprint for modern-day smartphones. One of its main objectives is to blur

Andover Audio PM-50 planar magnetic headphone review: Audiophile sound, tolerable price tag

These cans put you in the sonic picture with three-dimensional clarity, but you might not like wearing them for long stretches (though a fix may

Montblanc MB01 are a pricey pair of noise-cancelling wireless headphones

Expensive, yes. But less so than most of the pens… Given the four-figure sums one might pay for a Montblanc fountain pen, a set of

Samsung Galaxy Book S review: Incredible battery life, WWAN options sell this on-the-go PC

It has just one major flaw: its Snapdragon processor, which limits the apps you can use and their performance. The Samsung Galaxy Book S is

OnePlus 8 5G focus will come at a price

OnePlus prides itself on not jumping onto bandwagons at the earliest opportunity but isn’t one to shy away from changing its mind eventually. That was

FiiO unveils plans for new K7 DAC/amp

In the world of headphone amplifiers, it’s undeniable that amplifiers based on THX architecture have been doing very well, with the Drop THX AAA 789, SMSL

Hifiman Jade II Review – Threading the Needle

Since its inception, Hifiman has been synonymous with the planar magnetic headphone, becoming, alongside Audeze, one of the foremost manufacturers of planars in the world.

Is Bang & Olufsen an audiophile brand? The answer’s tricky, even for its execs

If you asked people to name some top-end audio brands, Bang & Olufsen would probably be one of first you would hear, and for good

House of Marley Redemption ANC review: Sustainable sound

House of Marley’s new Redemption ANC true wireless earphones are the kind of product that you want to be able to love. Between the aesthetics,

Stax SR-009s Review – The Air Elemental

Most audiophiles, I think, have an awareness of the headphone manufacturer Stax. But for those who don’t have an intimate familiarity, Stax is best-known as

Opinion: Fujifilm’s decision to omit the headphone jack on the X-T4 is a mistake

Just a quick warning: I’m going to clobber Fujifilm a bit in this column. But not until I praise Fujifilm. A few short years ago,

LG V60 ThinQ 5G with Dual Screen: An awfully long name for a phone short on innovation

For better or worse, LG has a formula, and it’s sticking to it. You don’t actually need to see the LG V60 ThinQ 5G with

Drop + THX Panda Wireless Headphones review

Drop, formerly known as Massdrop, has a history of excellent collaborations with audio companies like NuForce, Sennheiser, and THX to create lower-cost alternative versions of

Dan Clark Audio Voce Review – Easy Does It

Coming fresh off my review of the Stax SR-L700, I was surprised to find myself tasked with reviewing yet another electrostatic headphone so quickly. Yet

Sony Xperia 1 II is an oddly-named 5G flagship with a 4K HDR screen and headphone jack

Even though MWC 2020 has been cancelled, Sony is sticking to its original release schedule and has just announced a selection of new phones, including

Anker Soundcore Life P2 review

In 2016, when Apple became the first manufacturer to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack from its handsets, a revolution was promised. The first-generation Apple Airpods,

Bose 700 Headphones vs Bowers & Wilkins PX7 Review

If I had a dime for every Bose or B&W review I’ve written, I’d be able to afford a Bose or B&W headphone. MajorHifi has

Zvox AV50 wireless noise-cancelling headphone review: There’s a lot to like about this headphone

Rich and clear sound quality, with very effective active noise cancelling, but the vocal enhancer is very subtle. Zvox, best known for soundbars and soundbases, has

Bose Replacement Ear Pads

If you are looking for Bose replacement ear pads, you’re in the right place. In this article we feature the best Bose replacement ear pads

If the Galaxy S20 phones are too expensive for you, blame the Samsung Tax

Samsung has stopped making affordable premium phones in the name of being first. If you’d told me two years ago that Samsung would be selling

Sony WH-1000XM4: release date, leaks and all of the news

The 2020 version of Sony’s awesome headphones is on the way It’s easy to forget that, not too long ago, the noise-cancelling headphone market was

SoundMagic TWS50 Review

Award-winning headphone brand SoundMagic has brought its talents to the wireless earbud sector, with the TWS50 taking aim at the budget market. In its own

Does the Galaxy S20 have a headphone jack?

Samsung’s finally launched its new Galaxy S20 family of phones. And while most of the headlines may be about its spiffy new display, there’s one

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus bring massive boost to battery life

Samsung has officially announced the new Galaxy Buds Plus true wireless earphones, alongside the new Galaxy S20 smartphones during its Unpacked event. The long-rumoured sequel

LG V60 ThinQ 5G leaked: Monster battery, headphone jack, 4x mics

A leak this week appear to be taking up the mantel of the previous “V” smartphones in the line with top-tier specs. This smartphone’s hardware

SoundMAGIC releases budget AirPod rivals in the TWS50

Award-winning headphone brand SoundMAGIC has released a pair of wireless earbuds to rival the AirPods in the TWS50 While budget wireless earbuds tend to promise