Bass Booster for Headphones – The Ultimate Guide

In this guide we explain how to give your headphones the perfect bass boost and enhance overall sound performance with a few tips and techniques.

If you got a brand new pair of headphones and are wondering for to give it a bass boost for lack of a low-end frequency response, you are in the right place. Like many of you, I was wondering why my first brand new pair of headphones did not produce that punchy low-end sound and bass impact that I was looking for while playing my favorite electronic dance music and rock music. The good news is that majority of the time the lack of bass (or no bass) can be remedied by a few little tweaks to your mobile device or computer’s EQ settings, and some subtle modifications to your headphone. That being said, not all headphones are made equally and some headphones definitely put far more emphasis on the treble and upper midrange frequencies – this is especially true for studio headphones where the emphasis is on sound clarity for professional studio monitoring. If you have a headphone that seems not to produce enough bass for your liking, do consider the following steps below.

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