Top Reading Software To Improve Your Child’s Reading

Reading is a skill that is learned at an early age. However, because each child is different, some may find it easier to learn how to read while others may find it quite challenging. The key is in equipping your child with the right tools to help them in learning. In this case, below are some of the best software that you can leverage to aid your child in reading.

1.   ClaroReada

Two of the key features of this software is the text-to-speech (TTS) and optical character recognition (OCR). With the former, children will be able to listen as the computer reads documents aloud, while the latter allows the users to scan through image files which can be found in a portable document format (PDF) file. The kids can open the reading materials through Viewpdf, which is a web-based platform where you can convert your PDF files into the format that you need, or process PDF files for further editing. This proves to be advantageous if you are reading with your child and you intend to emphasize certain words for their recognition and familiarity.

2.   Kurzweil 3000

Another software for reading is Kurzweil 3000 which also features TTS and OCR. Aside from this, it also allows the users to convert the text files to audio files. When this software is installed in a Windows-based computer, graphic organizer features are also made available.

3.   Microsoft Immersive Reader

This software has a screen masking feature wherein only some lines are displayed while the users are reading. This is intended to minimize any distractions, allowing the child to focus on what he or she is reading. It also has a picture dictionary wherein the kids hear the word aloud while a picture of what the word means is displayed.

4.   Natural Reader

The OCR feature of this software allows the readers to scan up to 30 documents for their reading pleasure. It also has a floating toolbar in addition to the TTS capabilities of the program. In terms of the latter, this software also offers several natural-sounding voices.

5.   Read&Write

This software is formerly known as Read&Write Gold. Aside from the TTS and the OCR features, this program allows readers to highlight the text that they are reading and collect all those that they have highlighted. It also has other features that are meant to assist kids in writing.

6.   Snap&Read

This software has annotation tools wherein the highlighted text is automatically added to an outline that readers can easily access when they review. The reading templates in this program are classified according to the type of book or text available.

7.   Wrise

Wrise is a good software but this only has TTS features, without OCR. Nevertheless, it has display controls that allow readers to change the font or adjust its size for easier reading.

To wrap things up, the software mentioned above are only some of the programs that are currently available in the market. There are other apps, of course, you just need to explore to find out the one that will be able to cater to your needs. Rest assured that once your child begins to learn how to read, your efforts in helping them will all be worth it.

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