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Best iPhone Camera Lens Kits 2017

An adage among photographers says that the best camera is the one you have with you. That means with the millions of smartphones around the

Lomo Instant Automat review

PROS Easy to use Can create multiple exposures CONS Small and expensive film Lack of manual control option KEY FEATURES Uses Instax format film 35mm


HIGHS Great quality in most conditions Fantastic user interface for camera and mobile app Easy to share and edit video LOWS Low quality camera mount

And finally : Samsung gives us big hope for the Gear S4 and more

Welcome to another And finally, where we mop up all the rumours, murmurs and smaller stories of the week. Over the past seven days we’ve

Seals Model A Watch Review

Once in a while you luck out and get to review a watch you’ve already seen and been interested in, and this time it was

Crowdfund this : Wearable Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns to keep an eye on

If you’re looking for the most interesting wearable projects looking for funding on Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other crowdfunding platforms, you’ve come to the right place.

Hands on: Jide Remix Mini review

OUR EARLY VERDICT Should you buy the Remix Mini, be aware of its limitations – this is a £40 PC and no one should expect

10 Cool Tech Products That You Probably Can’t Afford

We typically enjoy learning about gadgets that, with a little bit of budgeting, we can afford. From pricy new smartphones to great computers to fun


HIGHS Brilliant display Slick operating system Stellar call quality Attractive design Low price for a smartwatch LOWS Tickle slider isn’t responsive or fast Needs touch-resistive

Upcoming smartwatches 2016 : What to expect from the next-gen wearables

Apple, Nixon, New Balance, Pebble, Blocks and more – smartwatches coming soon The Apple Watch might make up more than half of smartwatch sales but,

Best smartwatches to look forward to in 2016

To hear watch without the word smart in front of it will soon be indicative of a heirloom description. Even luxury watch brands have embraced smartwatches

Popcorn Hour A-500 Media Player Review

Pros Great build quality Nice, back-lit remote Extremely comprehensive file type support Built-in HDD bay Cons Only HDMI 1.4 output Quite a lot of fan

Blocks modular smartwatch goes up for preorder

The Blocks modular smartwatch, which first came into public view via a Kickstarter campaign, is now available to preorder. The company has showcased the factory-ready

Here’s your chance to see the Blocks modular smartwatch in action

The Blocks smartwatch is nearly here, and the modular smartwatch has been going through some changes since we last saw it, as the company prepares

Top 5 Smart Watches for Under $200

Whether you think smartwatches are pretty impressive or still need to get smarter, you have to concede that the battle for consumers’ wrists has gotten intense.

Dan Cases A4-SFX Mini-Tower Accommodates Full-Length GPUs Using Clever Design

Some people don’t mind living with a large desktop tower (or an entire table computer) if it means being able to cram a beast of

WaterStrider Allows The DJI Phantom 3 To Land And Takeoff On Water

If you fly drones, then you know the deal: you need to avoid landing on bodies of water at all costs. Unless you’re flying a

BEM Kickstand review

Pros Brilliant easel-like design Excellent build quality Good contrast and brightness Cons Colours look pale Yellow bias 16:10 native aspect ratio not ideal for video

Pono Player hands-on review – First Impressions

First Impressions from CES 2015 The Pono player is just one part of the Neil Young-backed company’s quest to deliver the highest-quality digital music package

Helix Folding Bike Boasts 24-Inch Wheels, Compact Folded Size, And Only 20 Pounds Of Weight

Folding bikes have gained a lot of popularity over the last few years, mostly due to the fact that they’re incredibly convenient to store. Sure,

Wood Kubb Houses A Desktop PC Inside A Minimalist Wooden Case

Desktop PC cases come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny ones you can hide behind the TV to large onesdoubling as a functional desk.

Infento Construction Kit Can Be Assembled Into 18 Different Types Of Kiddie Rides

Buying your four year old a ride-on toy can make for hours and hours of fun. But with the pace that children grow and get

Slazer Arms Your Pebble Time With A Wrist-Mounted Laser

The Pebble Time may not have the trendy appeal of the Apple Watch or the Moto 360, but there are plenty of reasons why it’s

Lomo Instant camera review

Pros Cool retro design Built-in flash with fun colour gels Good-value bundle with extra lenses Cons Bulky and a little flimsy Viewfinder doesn’t work with

Pocket Sun Power Bank Integrates Solar, Kinetic, And Thermoelectric Chargers

Like many folks, you’ve probably seen one of those power banks with integrated solar panels for replenishing the battery stores with natural energy. The Pocket

Meet Mycroft, an open-source smart-home AI platform

The idea of a single product quarterbacking all of the connected gadgets in your home is an appealing one, but smart home hubs from names

Exploding Kittens stop-motion unboxing

This morning our very own box of Exploding Kittens cards arrived, ready to show us what a massively successful Kickstarter campaign looks like. Using the

This is how ‘Shenmue 3’ raked in over $6 million on Kickstarter

Records, like rules, were made to be broken. Shenmue 3‘s Kickstarter campaign recently wrapped and upon doing so it set the bar for video-game projects

A Custom Desktop Version Of Android Could Make The Remix Mini PC A Proper Productivity Machine

We’ve seen many attempts at using Android as a desktop OS. Problem is, Android was designed with mobile in mind, making the Android desktop experience

Lumenati CS1 Turns Your iPhone Into A Super 8 Camera

Super 8 cameras were well-loved in their time for their cool designs, convenient operation, and ergonomic ease. What if you can bring those same qualities