EarStudio Bluetooth receiver review: Bring high-res wireless streaming to any wired headphones

Radsone EarStudio brings hi-res wireless streaming to any headphone.

This tiny box renders any headphones wireless, adding high-res music streaming, hands-free calling, and remote control capabilities in the process.

Wireless headphones are undeniably convenient, but the blunt truth is they just can’t come close to the fidelity of wired headphones. Radsone promises to change that perception with its EarStudio, a smaller-than-a-package-of-Tic-Tacs Bluetooth receiver that brings wireless high-resolution streaming and hands-free calling to any wired headphone.

Radsone is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign to bring the EarStudio to market. It achieved its modest $20,000 goal on the third day, and has received nearly $85,000 in pledges as of this writing. The company expects to ship the EarStudio to its backers in September. As you might know, TechHive typically does not cover crowd-funding campaigns. When we do, it’s because the product met three criteria: Very strong appeal for our audience, the availability of a finished product or an advanced pre-production sample, and the manufacturer’s understanding that we will review the sample as a finished product.

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