Zolo Liberty+ review: Could these be Android’s version of AirPods?

Android users have been clamoring for a proper AirPods competitor since their arrival. We have seen a few different options come to the market, but none as intriguing as the Zolo Liberty+.

One of the biggest pain points in truly wireless Bluetooth headphones is the price tag. Apple’s AirPods may seem steep at $159, but other options are priced as high as $250 or more. The Liberty+ are intriguing from the fact that these are priced at just $149.

Zolo is likely a brand that you have not heard much of. However, the company comes from Ankerwhich is definitely a brand that carries some clout.

The Liberty+ started out as a Kickstarter campaign where you could get in for as low as $99. Since then, these headphones have properly launched and are available from Amazon and the Zolo website.

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