CHUWI HI10 PRO VS CHUWI HI10 Plus Comparisons Review

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Chuwi HI10 Pro  is a 2 in 1 ultrabook tablet PC device, equipped with a 10.1 inch display that supports for 1920 x 1200 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9. Besides, the CHUWI Hi10 Pro is a dual OS supporting device that allows users to take advantage of both Windows 10 and Android 5.1 operating systems on the device. It is powered by Intel Cherry Trail x5-Z8350 graphics and eighth-generation Intel HD graphics, coupled with 4GB of RAM.

Chuwi HI10 Plus With a vivid touch screen and adaptive display technology, this tablet brings your photos and videos to life. Quad-core processor makes it easy to navigate home screens and apps. HDMI technology integrates your other devices, so you can easily switch from your Tablet PC to your smart TV or smartphone while working and playing. So which one is better?


The Hi10 Pro sports a full metal unibody design featuring an exquisite aluminum alloy chassis. The metallic finish gives it a premium look one would not expect from a budget device. It looks solid and the texture feels great in the hand ?especially the curved edges which aid the grip ?and can take casual everyday handling. The bezel on the top is quite thick. The Hi10 Pro offers a generous heaping of connectivity options, all lined up on one edge of the tablet There’s the TF card slot, USB Type-C for charging, Micro USB, Micro HDMI, and the 3.5mm headphone jack. The keyboard too includes a USB port. Chuwi has done well to pack all of these in its sleek form factor.

The design of the Chuwi HI10 Plus tablet feel like a luxury product. The sides have a nice aluminum finish that feels great in the hands. The back is ever so slightly curved, making it comfortable to hold while remaining rigid.
Size wise, the tablet is incredibly compact considering it’s huge 10.8 screen. The entire device weighs only 686 grams and is a slim 8.5mm thick.


The Hi10 Pro 10.1-inch IPS display offers a 1920 x 1200 resolution, which is quite good for the price. The colors are vivid and text Windows looks crisp all around. The 16:10 aspect ratio makes it quite usable in the portrait mode as well, though it is not as ideal as something that’s not quite so tall. The 350-nits display is relatively bright, and you can tweak Intel graphics options to crank it up even further. The sunlight legibility is not so great, and the screen is quite reflective even when the brightness is set to its maximum. The glass tablet surface is smooth, and does not feel cheap in any way. The capacitive touchscreen worked quite well, correctly identifying taps and multi-touch gestures. Powered by Intel 14nm X5 Series Cherry Trail CPU (up to 1.84GHz) with a generous 4GB RAM, the Hi10 Pro is able to offer enough grunt for most apps and basic games. You shouldn’t really stretch this hardware for graphic-intensive games or anything extraordinary, because then it shows its weakness. The Hi10 Pro packs in 64GB of internal storage, which can be extended up to 128GB, eMMC, not SSD, mind you. Even though it has flash storage, eMMC typically is slower than SSD and boot times and large file operations are slower.

Based on the dual OS, Windows 10 and Remix OS 2.0, Chuwi Hi10 Plus is powered by the Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 64-bit Quad Core 1.84GHz processor and equipped with a 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM internal storage. You can operate large games by this tablet PC without any problem. And it shows amazing fluency and smoothness. And the 4GB RAM helps run apps more fluently. And the 64GB ROM can be expanded by inserting a TF card. What’s more, the tablet can connect a keyboard with magnetic mount, and use the stylus Chuwi HiPen H2.
In addition, Hi10 Plus features the powerful USB 3.1 Type-C port. The unique design of bilateral symmetry makes every side the right side. The Hi10 Plus also supports OTG extension, HDMI + WIDI HD output, video output to the TV, display, projector, and can replace even your set-top box.


The Chuwi Hi 10 Pro is a dual-boot device and includes Windows 10 Home as well as Android 5.1. For a basic professional or student with a light workload ?typically multi-tabbed browsing, Office apps, and some multimedia ?the Hi10 Pro works quite well, and suffices without breaking a sweat. Anything more, is not what it is meant for, and that shows. Both the front and rear cameras on the Hi 10 Pro are pretty average. There’s always a little blur, and the front camera shots are usually dark. For those Skype calls, you might want to pick a well-lit spot, lest your face disappear into the darkness. Both cameras are of 2MP.

Chuwi HI10 Plus has dual camera with 2MP front and 2MP back camera. Therefore, Chuwi HI10 Plus is better for users to choice. And the former one has 22800mWh battery,running Windows 10 + Android 5.1 OS, but the latter has 3.7V/8400mAh one, Windows 10 + Android 5.1 OS. So Chuwi HI10 Plus has confirmed to be the better one.


According to the comparison, we can know Chuwi Hi10 Plus is the most powerful at this time compared to the Chuwi Hi 10 Pro, of course, the price of Chuwi Hi10 Plus is higher than Chuwi Hi 10 Pro.




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