HeroBook Air World Premiere: Latest CHUWI Notebook

11.6-inch Lightweight Ultrabook From Chuwi Premieres The CHUWI HeroBook Air is a new version of the Chuwi laptop HeroBook. It now premieres at the official

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro laptop review: 120 Hz display for cheap

Looks good, but cheap parts. The CoreBook X Pro is the least expensive 15.6-inch laptop you can find with a 120 Hz panel. The catch,

Chuwi RZBOX – World’s First AMD RYZEN 4900H Mini PC Revealed – CPU Chapter

The Chuwi RZBOX is equipped with an AMD Ryzen9 4900H high-performance standard processor, and this article helps you take a closer look at the performance

Chuwi RZBOX Mini PC: A Powerful Device With Compact Size (Enter To Win)

Chuwi RZBOX Mini PC is another beast product that lies under the excellent specs. The  Most significant level of Performance, Top-notch Efficiency. Also, The new

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro VS CoreBook X Comparison Review

Chuwi CoreBook X Pro and CoreBook X is one more bend on this thought, squashing far and away more power than past structures while keeping

Introducing Chuwi HeroBook Air – Powerful Features at an Affordable Price at $249

Chuwi has announced the immediate availability of the next-generation Chuwi HeroBook Air at an unbeatable starting price of $249. According to company sources, the Chuwi

Chuwi Hi10 Go VS HiPad Pro Comparison Review

The Chuwi Hi10 Go, the association’s first Jasperlake N5100 tablet will be open close to the completion of April 2021. It is represented that the

Chuwi Hi10 Go 2-in-1 Windows tablet review

Like Marmite, 2-in-1 convertible tablets in a 10.1-inch form factor can be divisive. They are the most compact way to run WIndows 10 (and soon

CHUWI Corebook X Pro launched officially with Intel Core i5

PC / tablet maker CHUWI announced that it would release a new notebook PC, “CoreBook X Pro,” at the official store from August 16, 2021.

CHUWI LarkBook X Announced; Supports 2K Touch Screen

The Chuwi brand announced the upcoming premiere of a new laptop, the Chuwi LarkBook X model. This is an improved version of the Chuwi LarkBook, which debuted

Chuwi LarkBook X – 2K Touch Screen Laptop Which Will be Perfectly Adapted to Windows11

Recently, Chuwi officially unveiled its new product LarkBook X, which is expected to be released in mid-August. Featuring 16:10 gold ratio 14-inch full touch screen,

Chuwi Hi10 Go VS Hipad Plus Comparison Review

The Chuwi Hi10 Go, the association’s first Jasperlake N5100 tablet will be open close to the completion of April 2021. It is represented that the

Chuwi HiPad Pro to launch on August 3 with 10.8 inch display and Snapdragon 662

The new Chuwi HiPad Pro is set to launch next month. This tablet will sport a 10.8 inch display and houses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 662


Well known chinese laptop and tablet makers Chuwi released their LarkBook laptop model in December 2020 as a very light portable device. With just 1kg

Chuwi HiPad Plus VS HiPad X Comparison Review

The Chuwi HiPad Plus is 11 inches, 2K goal, and offers 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of inner amassing. Preceding buying, we ought

Teclast X6 Plus convertible tablet review

Teclast is one of the few Chinese challenger brands that’s still going strong. Together with its archrival Chuwi, it has rolled out dozens of laptops

Chuwi GemiBook Pro laptop review

Chuwi is one of the most prolific laptop vendors in China outside of the big brands. The current global pandemic has seen its appetite for

GMK NucBox thin client mini PC review

The Chuwi LarkBox was hailed as the smallest 4K mini PC when it launched earlier this year on Indiegogo. It rapidly gained momentum and by

Chuwi CoreBook X Performance Test – I5-8259U Same as MacBook Pro

The upgraded Chuwi CoreBook X continues to focus on a productivity notebook with a metal body,14-inch 3:2 productivity screen, and Intel Core i5-8259U processor which is a

CHUWI CoreBook X Review – 14-Inch Laptop (16+256GB)

Chuwi is reinventing the concept of the ultrabook, bringing you large screens, sleek design, and premium chassis. The new Chuwi CoreBook X is a new

Chuwi CoreBook Xe – 15-inch portable laptop with Intel DG1 graphics

Chuwi are stepping out of the segment they normally target with this next launch, the CoreBook Xe, and that’s because this is a full-size 15-inch

Best Chuwi laptops 2021: Best 5 Chinese Notebooks

The global pandemic was a tragedy to the world where hundreds of thousands of people suffered. Along with humans, the economy of the countries too

Chuwi CoreBook Xe Laptop Equipped with Intel’s DG1 is Coming Soon

In CES 2020, Intel released its first discrete graphics card DG1, officially named Iris Xe Max, which focuses on the consumer notebook market and breaks

Chuwi Gemibook Pro Featured Super Fast WiFi-6 Intel AX200 Wireless Module

Struggling to maintain good WiFi connections? Chuwi Gemibook Pro features super-fast WiFi-6 supported by Intel AX200 wireless module, so you can load online content in

Chuwi HiPad Plus Android 10 Tablet Review: The iPad Clone

Is the HiPhone next? For $269 USD, the HiPad Plus is as close you can get to an iPad or Galaxy Tab experience without paying two

Chuwi LarkBook review

This notebook punches way above its class in terms of construction quality, choice in materials and design, while not compromising on the screen or inputs

Chuwi HeroLook Pro+ – lightweight sub $300 budget laptop with 13″ 3K screen

Chuwi keep on launching interesting budget laptops, and their latest HeroLook Pro+ is even more affordable than most of their other lineups, starting at $269

CHUWI SurPad Review – Android Tablet With Keyboard

With the SurPad, Chuwi has introduced a new Android tablet that can be ordered in this country with a keyboard cover for $234.99 at Banggood. As

CHUWI HiPad Plus now official

CHUWI has unveiled its latest tablet featuring an ultra-sleek body, the HiPad Plus. The CHUWI brand has made its way to the Philippines last September 2020,

Chuwi Hi10 XR: A Windows tablet with pen support and a detachable keyboard

With the Hi10 XR, Chuwi offers a convertible that supports pen input and a detachable keyboard. Its Celeron N4120 processor should keep things ticking over