2017 Subaru Outback review


Subaru enjoys a reputation for offroad-capable cars, but I still managed to get the 2017 Outback stuck in the snow. Although its crossover SUVs still come standard with all-wheel-drive, Subaru made some changes to its drivetrains over the past couple of years, such as replacing gearboxes with continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) and adding what it calls X-Mode, a traction control and throttle program designed for slippery surfaces.

I know, it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but here’s the scenario: People who live in snow country favor Subarus, so for my review, I followed some tire tracks into about a foot-deep uncleared snow pack in a parking lot. The Outback handled it well, but then I got to a point where the tires lost traction and the car wouldn’t go forward. A little reverse, then a little forward, and nothing, not even wheel spin. I was stuck.

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