Logitech Pop Review: A smarter button for the IoT

It’s an awkward fact of life: the smart home, and the Internet of Things in general, is meant to make life more streamlined but can often just leave us poking at our phones more frequently. Want to turn the lights on? There’s an app for that. Want to play your favorite new album? There’s an app for that too. Sometimes you yearn for the halcyon days of a switch, and that’s just what Logitech is offering with Pop, a programable shortcut button.

Setup is simple. The bridge – which, as the name suggests, connects the Bluetooth LE buttons to your home network – plugs straight into a spare outlet, then is recognized by the iOS or Android app where you tell it your WiFi login. It then walks you though pairing a button, effectively just pressing the Pop at which point it shows up in the app, and finally the process of scanning for compatible devices.


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