Xbox One VR headset rumours and news

HoloLens, Microsoft’s futuristic AR helmet, has a bright future bringing mixed reality into the mainstream. But it’s not quite the Xbox One VR headset that many gamers are waiting for.

With PlayStation VR shipping in October and pre-orders already underway, the old-fashion Xbox vs PlayStation battle looks pretty one sided when it comes to virtual reality accessories and games. Microsoft hasn’t even confirmed it is working on a VR headset yet.

Xbox One VR headset rumours

Microsoft is involved with the consumer edition Oculus Rift, with the company confirming that Xbox One gamers will be able to stream games to the VR headset.

Still, the hints that a Microsoft headset is on the verge of becoming official are getting stronger and stronger as June’s E3 gaming show approaches. Developers and retailers are beginning to let details slip and a launch next year looks likely.

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