Withings Health Mate : Essential guide – Tips and tricks for Withing’s lifestyle app

When we’re talking about how good a piece of fitness tech is, it’s easy to focus only on the hardware. But if you’re serious about using a wearable to reach a health or fitness goal then you also need to know whether the partnering app passes muster. In the Withings universe, that comes in the shape of Withings Health Mate, our Health and Fitness Platform of the Year.

Health Mate is Withings’ answer to the likes of Garmin Connect, Polar Flow or Jawbone UP’s companion app. Available for iOS, Android and as a web app, it’s essentially a lifestyle tracking platform that aggregates all the data from the growing number of smart products in the Withings range, some third party devices like the Apple Watch and a host of smartphone apps.

Withings Health Mate: Essential guide

Withings (now owned by Nokia) arguably offers the most comprehensive range of lifestyle monitoring products you can buy – albeit with a stronger focus on general everyday health rather than sports and performance. You can take data from any combination of its products – from the Activité smartwatches or the Aura sleep system, to the Withings Body Cardio and the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor – plug these into Health Mate and start to paint a picture of your overall wellbeing.

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