Why you need Oculus Touch

They might be pricy, but these intuitive controllers bring the Rift to life

When the Oculus Rift launched back in March 2016, the VR headset came with the promise of eventually being partnered with what were described as revolutionary game controllers.

The problem was that the Rift launched alongside the HTC Vive, which offered such controllers straight out of the box – and room-scale VR to boot. Then came PlayStation VR, Sony’s entry to the virtual reality space that could also offer a similar controller experience but on a more affordable budget.

Why you need Oculus Touch

Now, nearly a year later, the Oculus Touch controllers have arrived, but with a huge $199 price tag, making the overall cost of the Oculus VR kit just shy of $800 – even more than the HTC Vive.

So why should you go out and spend even more money on the Oculus Touch controllers, when you’ve already got a perfectly good Xbox One pad? Well, simply put, they’re what the Oculus Rift experience has been missing all along.

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