2017 Benelli TNT600 Review

The Benelli brand name has fallen under the Qjian Jiang Group umbrella since 2005, and has subsequently gone from strength to strength in the Asian markets, particularly in India and Malaysia. While a 600 cc mill might be a big engine over there (aren’t they cute?), it’s middling at best in the States, and there is absolutely no shortage of strong competition from established brands in this bracket. The Big-Four in Japan, plus the Italians, Austrians, Germans and Brits all bring quality rides to the table with comparable mills, so this Chinese-made bike – imported and marketed under the SSR banner – has certainly got its work cut out for it. Let’s check it out and see how they did with the TNT 600.


One thing Benelli (QJ) definitely got right is the naked look. A beefy front end gives the bike a competitive appearance, but the somewhat abbreviated front fender and veryabbreviated headlight can and flyscreen steer it squarely into the target category. While I can’t say that I particularly care for the Transformer-like headlight housing, it’s typical of the genre and so I can’t really complain too awful much.

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