Vorke V1 Mini-PC Review : Not great as an HTPC but a decent little Windows Box

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Vorke V1 Mini-PC

What is the Vorke V1?

This Windows 10 Mini-PC is currently (November 2016) doing the online rounds for about £165/$247 and, in a similar vein to the likes of the Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus, the recently launched (and soon to be reviewed) Minix Z83-4 and others, it might make a decent candidate for mini HTPC or streamingduties, given its small form factor. As with all our ‘TV Box’ reviews, our primary interest in the Vorke V1 will be how it goes about its media playback duties, so read on to see how it fares.


The Vorke V1 is based on a 1.6 GHz Intel Celeron J3160 processor with an on-board Intel 400 graphics processor and boasts 4GB DDR3L RAM. On-board storage comes courtesy of a 64GB SSD drive although there is the option of expanding on this, internally, with 2-5-inch SATA drives thanks to the inclusion of a mounting plate and included screws.

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