Google “Motorcycle GPS.” Go ahead, I’ll wait. Now let me guess what you’ve found: The Garmin Zumo and the TomTom Rider.

True, many riders are now opting for smartphones, but motorcycle GPS devices haven’t been put out of business yet, but as the current choices suggest, that day is approaching fast. TomTom has been evolving its Rider GPS ever since its 2005 debut in the hopes of keeping it from extinction and its current model, the Rider 400, is a clear reflection of the market reality. The company abandoned its proprietary software in favor of a customized Android build for the Rider 400, an interesting move to say the least. The result is a good choice for motorcyclists who do not want to mount their smartphone to their handlebars (more on this later). Here’s a look at its features and how it stacks up to its one competitor.


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