Tidal Force Wave 5 headpone review: Planar magnetic headphone tech on the cheap

Tidal Force’s Wave 5 headphones gives you a small taste of the magic planar magnetic headphones can deliver.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Tidal Force Wave 5 headphone

Tidal Force has joined the ever growing headphone marketplace with the launch of its Wave 5 planar magnetic headphones. Most headphones you are familiar with are driver-based designs, like loudspeakers. Not the Wave 5.

Planar magnetic headphones use an extremely thin and light diaphragm to reproduce sound, instead of the more traditional driver. A magnetic system drives the entire surface of the diaphragm evenly in a pull-push manner. In the case of the Wave 5, the diaphragm’s size measures 56mm and will reproduce notes from 16Hz to 50kHz. Tidal Force says that the magnetic structure is a matrix double pole and uses neodymium magnets.

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