The Gear S2 vs Apple Watch showdown I really care about

You can debate specs, argue square versus circle until you’re blue in the face, but the big Gear S2 vs Apple Watch argument is which is more fidget-friendly. Samsung’s new Tizen-powered smartwatch, launched at IFA 2015 last week to broadly positive reviews, is not only the first from the company to have a round display, but the first to use a clever rotating bezel for navigation.

As a self-confessed fidgeter, seldom happier in meetings, on trains and busses, or just while watching TV to be absent-mindedly tweaking and tapping with my fingertips, the Gear S2’s scroll wheel is mighty appealing. Samsung definitely got the balance and the resistance right: the wheel smoothly turns with just enough of a click that you feel each notch, but not so much to make the whole thing jerky.

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