The Starry Station Wireless AC networking router is rather unique. Launched before the summer of 2016, it sports a triangular shape, measuring 4.7 inches “thick” and 6.5 inches tall. Thus, due to this unusual form factor, the router provides a rectangular “face” sporting a 3.8-inch LCD touchscreen while the rectangular “back” plays host to the power outlet, Ethernet ports, and an exhaust fan.


You’ll have to pay $300 to snag the Starry Station. It looks the price, with a glossy white exterior that lets the router to be placed anywhere in your home, such as next to the living room TV, on a shelf along with pictures and other decorations.

Aside from its strange shape, it’s the LCD touchscreen that makes the Starry Station stand out among competing routers. It’s unusual, but it sets out to make local network management easy for anyone.

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