PSB SubSeries 450 Subwoofer Review

Founded in 1972 in Ontario, PSB Speakers has grown from one man’s passion for audio into an international speaker company with more than 50 distributors and approximately 1,000 dealers. Paul Barton got his start in audio when he was just 11 years old, making speakers with his father. As he became more confident with his designs when he was in high school, he started to sell his speakers to college students at the nearby University of Waterloo. From the beginning, Barton’s goal was to create high-performance, highvalue loudspeakers for music and, eventually, for home cinema applications.


Two years after he launched PSB, Barton began a relationship with Canada’s National Research Council (NRC), which continues to this day. Through the NRC’s work in psychoacoustics and PSB’s use of what is now a renowned anechoic chamber, PSB has been able to refine their designs.

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