Shell is a bizarre, unconvincing smartwatch-phone mashup

A smartwatch straight out of Mission: Impossible

The standalone smartwatch has been something of a dream for smartwatch enthusiasts. Imagine finally being rid of your phone, that metal and glass slab you just can’t stop using. We’ve seen some movement towards that with devices like the LG Watch Sport and Apple Watch Series 3, but maybe we’re missing something?

Shell Wearables certainly thinks so. The company’s smartwatch, the Shell, which drops on IndieGoGo for $250 on 31 January, is an attempt at a brand new idea.

The Shell doesn’t just want to be a smartwatch, it wants to be a smartphone too. In fact, it can completely detach from the wrist dock. When it does, you’ll see two wings spring out from the sides, but no, it’s not a James Bond gadget, just a phone.

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