Samsung Gear VR Consumer Edition review: The stepping-stone to Oculus proper

Virtual reality, often known as VR, has a long and winding history. From the distant dream of Sega’s VR, unveiled back in 1993, to the modern day it’s-almost-here reality of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, it’s South Korean giant Samsung that’s here to take on the more entry-level market with its Gear VR.

Virtual reality is still something of a dreamers’ concept; the idea of being transported from this world into a virtual other has been topic of sci-fi and social science for many years. But unlike the Holodeck in Star Trek, the only way to attempt that in the here and now is to strap a helmet to your face. Or, in the case of the latest Gear VR Consumer Edition, effectively strap a SamsungGalaxy S6 (or edge/edge+) smartphone to your face, via a helmet accessory (the previous Innovator model was designed for the Note 4 only).

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