Samsung Gear S3 vs LG Watch Sport : Battle of the bulky smartwatches

While Fitbit smartwatch details are beginning to emerge and Apple leads the pack, the latest offerings from Samsung and the Android Wear world are still vying for a spot on your wrist.

Of all the recent Android Wear 2.0 drops, the LG Watch Sport is the headline act and a perfect device to showcase all of Google’s new software exploits. Meanwhile, Samsung also went big and decided to pack in plenty of features into its Gear S3 smartwatch.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Samsung Gear S3 v LG Watch Sport

But which one should see you part with your cash? Well, while we’ve zeroed in on all the details in our dedicated reviews, read on for our verdict on how these two compare where it really matters.

Design and models

Sometimes you’re forced to make a difficult decision when it comes to smartwatch design. In the case of these two, though, you’re dealt with pretty much the same conundrum: embrace big or look elsewhere.

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