Oculus Quest hands-on review : $399 VR headset cuts cords not corners

Traditionally, the middle-child can be the most problematic, but Oculus is hoping that its new Oculus Quest virtual reality headset bucks that trend.

Revealed at Oculus Connect 5 today, the Facebook-owned company’s annual VR developer event, the Quest slots in-between the existing Rift and Go headsets and, as I eagerly put to the test, promises the best of both.

So, like Oculus Go, the Quest – formerly known by its Project Santa Cruz codename – is complete wire-free. No tether to a gaming PC; no potent graphics card required to drive the VR experiences. It’ll be relatively affordable, too – at least in virtual reality gaming terms – at $399 for the 64 GB model.

At the same time, though, Oculus is promising that Quest’s processing power is more akin to a full Rift setup. As such, games should be more immersive and run smoother. It’ll also come with the Rift’s Touch controllers, which Quest can track using its new Oculus Insight tracking system.

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