Nvidia Shield TV (2017) review: The daddy of 4K HDR media streaming

When the original Nvidia Shield TV came out in 2015 it was far and away the most powerful, most capable media streamer out there. Powered by Android TV and being 4K ready, it obliterated the competition with Ultra HD video support and offered a tasty sideline in enhanced gaming to boot.

It was pricy though – already more expensive than its peers and the remote control had to be bought as a £50/$75 optional extra. That made it very much a premium purchase and one that was never going to make much of a dent in the sales figures of Roku or Amazon’s Firedepartment.

Now a new version of the box is available and Nvidia is confident enough to keep it around the same price: £190/$285. This time, however, you get a game controller with a mic for Google Assistant voice control (pending a software update), plus an improved version of the wireless remote included the box.

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