Sol Republic Relays Sport review

The sporty-looking Sol Republic Relays Sports separate themselves from bog-standard cheap IEMs with an off-kilter design and some funky colours.

They sound surprisingly good for the price too, with a cleaner, if less smooth, sound than the budget favourite SoundMagic E10S.


The challenges of a sport earphone include how to find a way to make them stay in your ears when you move about a lot, and to withstand a bit of sweat without conking out.

To deal with this, Sol Republic has come up with what it calls the FreeFlex wheel – a disc of rubber that sits around the end of the earpiece to help secure the Relays Sport in your ear canal.

In practice this wheel doesn’t do a great deal as it only really makes contact with the flap of cartilage just by your ear canal (known as the tragus).

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