NVIDIA GeForce MX150 vs 940M, 940MX and 950M – benchmarks and gaming comparison

GeForce MX150 is NVIDIA’s latest Pascal-based mobile graphics cards. While all other GTX 10 series GPUs do not have a dedicated mobile version (they rather have a laptop edition), the MX150 is the mobile edition of the GT 1030. We already showed you gameplay footage and benchmarks of the MX150 but now it’s time to compare it to other budget mobile graphics cards like the 940M, 940MX, and 950M.

NVIDIA claims that its new mobile GPU is up to 66% faster than the 940MX and three times as power efficient (performance per watt) thanks to the new 14nm FinFET manufacturing process and the Pascal GP108 chip used. The MX150 has a much higher base core clock than both the GTX 940MX that it is compared to and even the 950M – 1468 MHz vs 1122 MHz and 914 MHz respectively.

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