Living with the Martian mVoice Watch Review : Putting Alexa on your wrist

What’s it like taking Alexa everywhere?

I’m a big fan of Alexa on Amazon’s Echo devices. She’s proved abundantly useful in my daily life, from quickly giving me a morning briefing to providing recipes when I’m cooking and timers to quickly turn my lights on and off.

Gradually, Alexa has been growing beyond Amazon’s hardware to other devices, lamps, watches… even fridges. The company wants Alexa to be your window into the world of Amazon at every turn. It has also been trying to expand Alexa beyond voice, such as with the Echo Show, which I’ve been using recently.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Martian mVoice Watch

The thing about Alexa though is that she’s still perfectly suited to living at home. So what happens when you take her outside? Can Alexa help out with the rest of your day?

That’s what I aimed to find out while using Martian’s mVoice Watch, which has Alexa integration built right into it – all you have to do is hold a button. Is there life for Alexa outside of these four walls?

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