Living with PIQ Robot: The AI-powered boxing wearable

We grab the gloves to give the AI-powered punch trackers a spin

French company PIQ is no stranger to sports tracking. It’s already built wearables to take out on the golf course, the tennis court and even the slopes to give you that extra hit of data.

Now it’s turning its attention to boxing with the help of iconic sports brand Everlast for the PIQ Robot. The sensor, which costs $99 for one or $199 for two to track both fists, is designed for core boxing and fitness boxing but should also appeal to MMA fans. It’ll let you track shadow boxing, heavy bag sessions, mitt work and sparring.

Boxing with PIQ's punch trackers

In terms of the data you can pore over the key punch metrics of punch speed, G-force at impact and retraction time. The killer feature though is the AI tech on board that analyses workouts to help pinpoint strengths and weaknesses lies and offer advice on how to make improvements.

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