LG 4K HDR choices for 2016 : G6, E6, C6 and B6 TVs compared

LG’s message in its 2015 televisions was about curved OLED, later releasing flat models to accompany the curved versions. With 2016, the message is still very much about OLED, Ultra HD and HDR, but guess what? The lead model moves to flat instead.

LG 4K HDR choices for 2016: G6, E6, C6 and B6 TVs compared

OLED is expensive to make but has always pushed the message of offering superior blacks and superior colours over its LCD competition. That’s down to the way that OLED can turn off each pixel to achieve absolute blacks, where LCD lights in sections. With LCD offering more affordable panels and increasingly proficient visuals with a range of enhanced dimming techniques, LG’s refinement of its OLED TVs continues.

All the LG OLED models for 2016 feature Ultra HD/4K, HDR, LG’s Perfect Black, Perfect Colour, Perfect Clarity and webOS.

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