How to Protect Your MacBook from Trident Attacks

OS X users need to fire up the App Store immediately, to download a new security patch released yesterday (Sept. 1) that protects the same zero-day exploits that Apple fixed on its iOS platform last week. As we explained previously, these updates protect users against super-powerful spear phishing attacks that hand over complete access to a device.

apple macbook 2016 nw g03

Security Update 2016-001 10.11.6 protects users against a “cyber war” tool dubbed Trident which was discovered after an attempt to hijack a phone belonging to Ahmed Mansoor, a human rights advocate based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). On August 10 and 11, Mansoor’s iPhone received SMS messages promising “new secrets” about tortured detainees in UAE jails. Mansoor didn’t click on these links, as he had already been the victim of government-sponsored hacks.

Instead, Mansoor forwarded those messages along to researchers at the Toronto-based Citizen Lab, an interdisciplinary laboratory based out of the Munk School of Global Affairs, which identified the links as a part of an exploit chain it calls Trident.

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