How to buy…a sports watch

It’s a tough task, counting your steps every time you hit the pavement – not to mention taking your pulse and timing your PB as you sweat around the park, avoiding the dogs and detritus that litter your route to running glory.

If self-measurement has left you exhausted, it might be time to invest in a sports watch: fitness focussed and increasingly smart, today’s crop of clever wrist screens carry enough sensors to keep Usain Bolt abreast of his speedy particulars, with nifty modes for just about every discipline.

Smarter than your average pedometer but tougher than your pricey automatic, these dedicated sports assistants do the hard work when it comes to logging your vital stats, leaving your free to enjoy the open road – or the sweaty scent of the gym. Not sure where to start when it comes to the world of tech-toting tickers? Allow us to assist.

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