Hands on: Project Santa Cruz review

Project Santa Cruz is a new standalone headset from Oculus, makers of the well-known Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) headset.

Alright, the headset isn’t actually new. Facebook first announced it was working on Project Santa Cruz, which doesn’t require a PC or phone to operate, during last year’s Oculus Connect developers conference.

At this year’s Connect conference, however, we were treated to a far more refined prototype. What’s more, we have a release time frame for developers of early 2018.

We got to try the latest Project Santa Cruz prototype for ourselves during this year’s Connect in San Jose, California. No photos or video were allowed, so we can’t show you what the headset in its current form looks like exactly, but we got 15 minutes to experience the VR offered by Santa Cruz. From our short time with the headset, it looks mighty promising.

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