2018 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 First Ride Review

I asked around at the launch of the Dorsoduro (and Shiver) 900, why was this bike named “Dorsoduro”? I know what the Dorsoduro is and have visited the district in the Italian city of Venice on two separate occasions, but I was looking for an answer full of emotion and history which I have come to expect from Italian manufacturers (and their marketing departments). To my surprise, everyone began to tell me what the name was rather than why it was named as such. Well, after having ridden the 2018 ApriliaDorsoduro 900, it is clear to me why the Italian manufacturer would look to one of Italy’s most iconic cities and why they would choose the sestieri of Dorsoduro as its namesake.

Venice can feel overcrowded in the summer months by tourists, however, if you make your way not far from the Piazza San Marco, you’ll find an entirely different atmosphere. The Dorsoduro is just a quick walk across the Ponte dell’Accademia and, while the universities are in session, the district feels much more lively. The change in the air, specifically at night, is almost instantaneous as you make your way through the dimly lit squares and alleyways bustling with students. It feels younger, more alive, more vibrant, more hopeful. You could just as easily use any of those words to describe Aprilia’s new Dorsoduro 900.

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