Hands on: PlayStation VR review

How does PlayStation VR factor into Sony’s September 7 briefing? We’re about to find out. Check out our other PlayStation Week coverage.

PlayStation VR is close. In less than two month’s time, Sony’s first virtual reality headset will be in homes around the world. There are dozens of ways to feel about this – it’s as fair to feel excited about the potential of cheap, accessible virtual reality as it is to feel scared about how a miss here could sour virtual reality for another decade.

While PCs have enjoyed high-end, upscale virtual reality for a few months now, consoles have yet to see a compatible headset of their own, despite all three major manufacturers – Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft – talking about the future medium.

This is all set to change in October with the release of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset, which for the first time will allow gamers to get a full virtual reality experience with their PS4 rather than a beefy gaming PC.

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