Hands on: LG SteamVR headset review

How many virtual reality headsets does the world need? Apparently, if you’re LG, there’s room for one more.

The venerable gadget maker has made a VR headset of its own. Designed for Valve’s SteamVR platform, it’s goes by the name of LG SteamVR headset, at least colloquially.


This is prototype hardware, LG representatives were quick to point out before we fixed the headset to our craniums at GDC 2017. That means the device – from its looks to its specs – is subject to change before any official release. When that will be, by the way, is another question mark.

For a prototype, the LG SteamVR headset is amazingly far along (how much will it really change, LG?). It feels like a well-developed device that, with a few refinements, a shiny coat of paint and maybe a little more glue, could make it out to consumers before long. Not just that; it could knock them off their feet.

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