Hands on: Daydream View (2017) review

Guess what’s back? Back again? It’s the Daydream View from Google. It doesn’t have a new name, but it does have some slightly new design upgrades to make it a little more exciting to purchase.

It’s ultimately still just a dumb vessel for your smartphone to show off Google’s world of VR, but it’s fixed a few of the issues we had with the older model and has become more desirable as a result.

Daydream VR (2017) release date and price

  • Available to buy from October 19, pre-orders open now
  • Will cost £99 / $99 (around AU$125)


If you’re looking to get your hands on the new virtual reality headset from Google, you’ll be paying a little more than before.

Where it originally landed for $79 / £69, now you’ll be paying the princely sum of $99 / £99, although it’s hard to see where the extra cost is coming from.

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