Hands on: Google Home Max review

The Google Home Max turns the Google Assistant into your very own personal DJ. Well, the same can be said about the Google Home and the Google Home Mini, but the Max is the only one suited to rock the house thanks to its impressive hardware.


But of course, this is Google we’re dealing with, so you’ll also find a hearty dose of artificial intelligence smarts built into the Max. This, in a way, plays just as crucial a role in delivering your music in a crisp, room-filling manner.

The Max debuts in December for $399 and unfortunately for our friends outside of the US, it’s not making its way outside of North America just yet.

It’s tough to convey the worthiness of an audio product, especially one that claims to take things to the “Max” as this one does. But as someone who has reviewed many headphones and Bluetooth speakers, I can confidently say that there’s something special here.

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