Google Daydream View (2017) review : Google’s next gen headset offers a better perspective

The Google Daydream View tweaks, fixed and slightly upgrades the original headset. Separately these changes are minor, but put together they make for an overall more comfortable, immersive experience. This is mobile VR done right, and with greater compatibility Google is making it more accessible too.

You’d be forgiven for missing Google’s updated Daydream View Vr headset amid the unveiling of its new Home smart speakers and its first pair of translating earbuds. That’s not because Google’s interest in VR has waned. On the contrary, it’s launching standalone Daydream headsets later this year. But because unlike many of those other new toys, the improvements made to Daydream are more modest.

If you’ve used the original Daydream View, you know the score. This is Google’s mobile virtual reality headset – its answer to Samsung’s Gear VR. Unlike the Gear VR, Daydream supports smartphones outside of Google’s own, any that support the Daydream software, and these slip into the headset rather than plug in.

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