Blackview S8 Hands-on Review : Experience

The Blackview company is taking over the market pretty quickly with great products. The company was founded by David Xu in September of 2013. This company provides various types of smartphones bot budget and expensive with a great battery as they have a slogan, ‘’Smartphones for everyone’’. Now, this Blackview company is launching their latest sensation Blackview S8 to market. It will be a great success for sure as it has many great features with a well-built design.

Blackview s8 review

The first look of the phone will remind you the Samsung S8, yes the phone looks like the Samsung S8 in a lot of manners. The phone has a lot more to offers your like it featured with the quad camera means dual camera on the back and front as well. The quad camera will let you capture the stunning images and 5.7″ IPS display will make them live for you.

Let’s take a look at more about the phone and how it is the best alternative to the Samsung S8.

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