Garmin Forerunner 25 Review : Good Basic Running Watch


The Forerunner 25 comes in four color combinations: white/pink, black/purple, black/blue and black/red (the version I reviewed). The black/blue and black/red versions have slightly bigger watch faces (1.57 x 1.85 inches) than the white/pink and black purple versions (1.38 x 1.73 inches); both sizes are 0.55 inches thick. The larger watches also come with a longer-lasting battery.

The black-and-red watch is the most muted design of the four; only the top-right Activity button and a thin border around the watch face are red. This version still looks like a running watch, but it could blend in with a work outfit. For the other three designs, the band as well as the Activity button and the watch border are the secondary color.

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