Lexus LFA and Lexus LC500 together – Video Review

Even in this industry, there are those most cherished of cars. Among them, unquestionably, is the ultra-exclusive Lexus LFA Supercar, which only a handful of journalists have ever driven.

So, when the opportunity came around for Alborz to push a Lexus LFA around a private test facility for the very first time, his schedule miraculously freed up and he was on a plane bound for Sydney.

When the LFA was released in 2010, it was priced from $700,000. These days, barely-used examples can fetch as much as $1.3 million, which is why Lexus Australia chose the risk-free option of trucking the car to us.

Seven years on and it’s still a fabulous looking machine, unlike any other of its day, while exclusivity was guaranteed by virtue of the fact only 500 were ever built.

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