Charged Up: Forget apps, it’s time for watch faces to shine

I’m looking for a complication

I really like smartwatch faces — there, I said it. And around a year ago, I couldn’t care less what was showing on the primary screen of my Apple Watch or Wear smartwatch; I was all about finding ways to limit the time I spent on my smartphone through my smartwatch’s standalone apps or music streaming. But the times are a-changing, and I’m not the only one emphasising the watch face.

This week, a strong hint was uncovered in watchOS that the Apple Watch will soon feature third-party watch faces, while Garmin also announced that its Connect IQ 3.0 platform and the watch faces that lie within will receive an upgrade. Add to this the arsenal of bespoke options provided by each fashion brand within the Wear circle, as well as Fitbit’s ever-growing Clock Faces, and it appears the industry’s biggest names are waking up to the fact that people are taking the time to play around with watch faces.

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