Audeara A-01 headphones review

Headphones are a dime a plenty, many of them promising the best audio your ears will have the pleasure to ever hear. All of them, however, make one fatal assumption: that we all hear perfectly and in the same way. From a business standpoint, it is understandable. Fine-tuning audio equipment to unique individual capabilities puts a heavy burden on companies.

Last year, Australian startup Audeara came up with an alternative: let the users tune their headphones themselves. And thus the Audeara A-01 rose from the crowdfunding ocean and we put it on our ears to hear that promise come to life.

The proposal was simple. Different people have different hearing capacities and that’s just speaking for those with “normal” hearing. Those with certain hearing defects require different audio settings. Since it’s too impractical and expensive to customize audio profiles during production or even during the point of sale, Audeara proposed to do it after sales. That is, let the user determine and set his or her own hearing profile through a series of tests. But since no company would take that risk, Audeara took to Kickstarter to make it happen.

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