Samsung 970 EVO review: Strong competition for the best budget NVMe SSD

Samsung’s lower-priced M.2 NVMe SSD rivals, but can’t unseat WD’s Black NVMe.

Though it isn’t the equal of WD’s Black NVMe in sustained writing, the 970 EVO nonetheless provides the same performance the other 99 percent of the time. A much better deal than its 970 Pro sibling, though the latter is still top dog performance-wise.

Samsung’s EVO series has owned the title of fastest TLC-based M.2 NVMe SSD since there has been such a thing. But unfortunately for the company, that distinction went the way of the dodo with the release of the WD’s game-changing Black NVMe earlier this month.

Samsung’s response? The brand new 970 EVO. However, it’s a case of darn close, but no cigar—the Samsung 970 EVO outperforms the WD in several tests, but falls short in sustained write performance with larger amounts of data. That said, the shortfall is liable to affect few users.

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