As Pebble is given its death sentence, its most loyal fans are racing to rebuild it

Come 30 June, the lights will be switched off

Since the new year started, Pebble users have been on borrowed time. When the company closed its doors and sold off key assets to Fitbit, chucking the rest on the scrap heap, Fitbit promised to keep the servers running until the end of 2017. That time came and passed – everything has been working as usual – but then Fitbit confirmed that on 30 June it will turn off the lights, more than a year after Pebble left the room.

And so starts the timer for Pebble’s most passionate patriots to rebuild what will be lost. Rebble is very much the spearhead of this movement, a project started by Pebblers to retain full functionality once Fitbit pulls the plug. But it’s not the only one: when she became aware of Fitbit’s plan to end services in June, ex-Pebble employee Katharine Berry, now a wearables engineer at Intel, offered to preserve one of the app development platforms when Fitbit pulls the plug. She even says she’ll try to run it.

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